Raphael Baltuth makes web apps.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Web developer.
JavaScript applications for web browsers.
U.S. citizen.

Languages & Libraries


Currency Developer JuneOctober 2016

Maintained mobile web app with JavaScript, React, and Firebase. Processed data and with Node.js. Created Android app with Cordova and plugins, releasing in the Google Play Store.

Amazon.com Web Developer May 2012July 2015

Web developer for Internal Fraud & Compliance, under Corporate Applications. Created the internal policy website. Developed a hierarchical document editor and bespoke content management system.

Solo Projects Developer

Vortices , a social news and microblogging app. Built with server-side JavaScript. Features authentication, tags, and nested threads. (2008 – 2018)

Facebook DARK: a CSS user style that alters the appearance of facebook.com. One of the most popular user style of all time, it garners over four hundred thousand installs. (November 2006 – October 2011)

Web Games

Deftory! is a text-mode probabilistic battle game. Browser local storage saves progress between visits. (August 2011)

Monoprism: solo entry in Google's HTML5 Hackathon. WebGL with Three.js for 3D graphics. Simulated real estate agents walk around, buying skyscrapers. Features lighting and dynamic camera. (September 2011)

MeshMaze: A labyrinth in your web browser. This is achieved through a combination of SVG and JavaScript with jQuery; levels stored in JSON. Each room is a maze littered with color-coded gates and keys. Push blocks, open gates with matching keys, avoid land mines, and teleport to other levels. The code allows flexibility in how objects appear and behave. Includes the beginnings of a level editor. (2008)


University of Washington 87 credits
  • Calculus III
  • Computer Programming II (Java)
  • Physics: Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Waves
  • Web Programming

Inglemoor High School graduate